Sea Eagle 330 vs 370 – Which is Better?

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Sea Eagle 330 vs Sea Eagle 370

Who the 330 is better for:

  • Solo paddlers that want the option to do some tandem paddling
  • Paddlers that favor maneuverability over tracking
  • Tandem paddlers with minimal gear

Who the 370 is better for:

  • Tandem paddlers that occasionally want to paddle solo
  • Campers and paddlers that have a lot of gear
  • Families that need a little extra room for a small third passenger

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Both the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 offer a great compromise between performance, stability, durability, and price. We’ve written about them seperately in our Sea Eagle 330 review and Sea Eagle 370 review, but choosing between them can be difficult.

That’s why this side-by-side comparison will look at some of the key differences between them and offer some advice as to who they’re best suited for.

Similar Features

Portability & ease of storage – Like all of the best inflatable kayaks, both the 330 and 370 are exceptionally portable and easy to store. They pack down to about the size of a small suitcase and will fit into the trunk of a small car with room to spare for your other gear. They can also be tucked away in a storage closet when not being used.

Removable skegs – Each model has two removable skegs to improve handling and speed on the water. Inflatable kayaks without skegs often suffer from poor tracking and tend to swerve side-to-side as you paddle rather than moving in a straight line.

Convertible – The 330 and 370 are both convertible, which means the seats are removable and can be repositioned for either solo or tandem paddling. This also gives you the ability to adjust for a bit more legroom or storage space.

Stability – They both have a 34-inch hull, which gives you a nice stable platform to paddle from without sacrificing too much performance.

Specifications Comparison

Sea Eagle 330 Sea Eagle 370
Length 11′ 2″ 12′ 6″
Width 34″ 34″
Weight 26 pounds 32 pounds
Weight capacity 500 pounds 650 pounds
Number of passengers 2 3


How the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 Differ

Number of passengers

One of the major differences between the 330 and 370 is the number of passengers they can hold. The 330 is more than a foot shorter and has a lower weight capacity than the 370, meaning it’s only suitable for up to two paddlers.

The 370, on the other hand, has enough space and weight capacity to handle a third passenger. You’ll still be more comfortable with only two passengers, but having three on board is still manageable. This is a nice perk for families with kids or if you want the option to take out another friend from time to time.

While the 330 and 370 are both convertible, the 330’s shorter length makes it a bit more suitable for solo paddling compared to the 370. So, if you’ll mostly be solo paddling with the occasional tandem trip, the 330 might be a better option.

It’s worth noting that while the 370 can hold up to three, it only comes with two seats. You’ll be fine without the extra seat for shorter trips, but it might be worthwhile picking up a third seat for longer outings.

Legroom & Storage Space

The 370’s added length makes it a bit more roomy for taller paddlers and also gives you a bit more storage space. This extra space will come in hand if you plan to do any camping or extended day trips.

As mentioned, the seats can be repositioned for both the 330 and 370, which give you some ability to adjust for extra legroom or storage space.


Sea Eagle uses PolyKrylar in the construction of both the 330 and 370. The difference is that the 370 uses a slightly thicker 38 mil PolyKrylar, while the 330 uses a thinner 33 mil.

Both materials are tough and can take some serious abuse, but the 370 does have a bit of an edge in the durability department.

Weight Capacity

The 370 has a significantly higher weight rating than the 330 due to its increased length and tougher construction.

It’s usually not ideal to load down a kayak so it’s at it maximum capacity; it’ll sit low in the water, which slows it down and causes it to be less maneuverable.

As a rule of thumb, aim to have about 50% extra capacity.

In other words, if you, your partner, and your gear weigh a total of 350 pounds, the 500 pound capacity of the 330 should be plenty.

If you’re on the heavier side or will be taking a lot of gear with you, the 650 pound capacity of the 370 might be a better bet.


The performance characteristics of either model are pretty similar. Having said that, the 370’s longer length helps it track a bit better, so you’re not zigzagging through the water as much as you would with the 330.

The 330 does have a bit of an advantage when it comes to maneuverability, though. It’s shorter hull allows you to make quicker turns in the water.


Sea Eagle 330 & 370 Package Options

Both the 330 and 370 come in several different packages. The only difference between the packages are the accessories that are included with the kayak. The kayak itself is the same between the different packages.

The major difference you’ll see is the quality of the included seats.

The upgraded seats that come with the Pro packages are well worth the few extra dollars you’ll spend for them. They have a durable cover to help prevent punctures and provide good back support that can be adjusted to your liking.

The standard seats that come with the Deluxe packages don’t have a cover and don’t offer any real back support.

Sea Eagle 330 Packages

Pro Package – Includes the upgraded seats and can really help improve your comfort level and extend your time out on the water.

Deluxe Package – Includes Sea Eagle’s standard seats and will save you a few bucks. The seats aren’t great but they’re manageable for shorter trips.

Pro Solo Package – Offers the same upgraded seat as the Pro package but only includes one seat and one paddle. It’ll save you a few bucks if you know you’re only going to be paddling solo.


Sea Eagle 370 Packages

Pro Package – This is the most popular package available for the SE370 and comes with Sea Eagle’s upgraded seats.

Deluxe Package – Again, this package includes the standard seats which will work fine for short trips on the water.

Fishing Package – This package is designed for the solo angler and includes Sea Eagle’s upgraded seat. It’s important to note that this package only includes one seat and one paddle.

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